Welcome to World Gospel Ministries

We are here dedicated team of the pastors preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the remote and nook and corner villages (Hos 10:12) in India to expand the Kingdom of God. We mainly focusing to build a church where there is no church yet. Our dedicated leaders always longs for the lost souls for Christ. Many were baptized by accepting  Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

Reaching unreached

Our mission is to choose the mountain villages and nook and corner villages to spread the Gospel by sending the Pastors to serve those people groups with the Word of God.

Online Church

Our Mission is to broadcast of our Sunday worship through YouTube to reach many homes to touch the people those who unable to attend the church.

Emergency Relief

Our Mission is to save, protect and support to those who are in need and those who are in emergency situation who effect with the natural calamities like Floods, Earthquake, Covid-19 etc., by providing them the Food packets, Basic Medical Kits, Toiletry Kits, grocery kits, rice, clothes and some emergency fund.

Bible School

Our Vision is to start a Free Bible Correspondence School to equip the Men to send (Mark 16:15) them to the End Time Harvest field to save the perishing souls for Christ.


Our Vision is to Start a Children Home to provide the proper food, shelter and education to lead them to Christ (Prov 22:6) in order to prepare them as Leaders for the next generation.

Youth Ministries

Our Vision is to provide the Self help Training like Free Computer Training, Free Car Driving, Free Tailoring for the unemployed youngsters, widows to create self earning themselves to protect their families without poverty (Prov 19:17) in order to live faithfully in the presence of God.